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Jason - 11/2020

Having heard about the Bulldozer in a random post online set me on > the hunt. I had previously seen the Bulldog on random sites, and they would come and go. I wanted more power. I decided to go with Veradium after reading their work and customer service was top notch. I was given a deadline that my Bulldozer would be done, and Brian met that > deadline. He also communicated every step of the way. As this work of art is unregulated, I was curious about the drop. Needless to say, EVERY shot hit the mark. I decided to test it on a pumpkin next. There is something satisfying about watching pieces blast off a pumpkin; not > just a small hole, but chunks flying out of the exit! I have full confidence I will harvest a variety of game with my Bulldozer. If you want power, accuracy, and none of the excuses; buy a Bulldozer!

Derek - 2/2020

I got my Bulldog back from Brian at Veradium Air and man the power!! I'm slinging Mr Hollowpoint 185grain Hp between 315/325 fpe I've been so impressed with the consistency and accuracy of the rifle too. It has definitely become my favorite rifle I own... if you own a bulldog and want to see what it can truly do give Brian a call at Veradium Air..

Roy - 1/2020

I got online and started looking for someone to tune my bulldog and I was recommended by one of the bigger named guys in the air gun community to call Brian at Veradium Air. Long story short I ended up sending my bulldog to Brian and not counting shipping it was headed back in two weeks . He turned my gun into a MONSTER it's now pushing 185 grain at well over 300 fpe and very close to hole on hole at 50 yrds. I can't give him enough credit for his work.

David - 12/2019

Bought a Kral Pro from Brian at Veradium Air. The Kral was better than expected very happy with my purchase.

Rob - 12/2020

I will concur that Veradium Air transforms these guns.

SS - 9/2020

Thank you, Brian I too am very glad to have chosen to have Veradium tune the gun.

LA - 07/2020

+1 Veradium Air is a pleasure to deal. Goes above and beyond to accommodate customers.

Florin - 11/2019

Had been searching for a rare Inovatech Mac for a few months with no luck. Called Brian at Veradium Air and he tracked one down for me within 2 weeks.

Vinny - 8/2019

I own two PP700sa I sent one to veradium air in Oregon for a tune, all's I can say is "wow" now I'm going to have to send my other one there, huma reg installed among other work done I said make it a shooter and he absolutely did best I could get before was in the very low 600's now I'm getting 748fps with jsb hades and very accurate I took it out today and couldn't be happier Very fast service and when you call you always get a human which means a lot in today's world, All's I can say is thank you Brian it is better than I thought it could be.