Friends and News

May 2020 - Taurus Build

We are finalizing the Taurus bulldog design and will be releasing more information and stats in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for this new release.Options for performance tuning and barrel and accuracy enhancments

Apr 2020 - Texas Bulldog Strikes Again

Last week I was hunting on my friends property and took around a 400 lb hog with my bulldog using a 220 hp slug at over 300 fpe.

Feb 2020 - We are open

We want folks to know that Veradium Air is open during these lockdowns and will continue to provide service and support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Jan 2020 - New Bone Breaker Solid Core

Rober Vogel aka Mr. Hollowpoint in collaboration with Veradium Air introduces the Bone Breaker Solid Core. Designed to hit harder at bone and deeper into tissue with an independent core pushing energy penetration further into the vitals. For more inforamation follow: Bone Breaker Solid Core

Jan 2020 - Bulldog in Texas

Roy in Texas sent these over from a recent hunt, he took this 200lb. sow in the evening, with his teenage daughter bagging herself a small doe earlier in the day. The doe was hit at 40yds the sow at 50yds They were shooting his Bulldog with a 185g Mr. Hollowpoint slug @ 300fpe, recently tuned at Veradium Air.

Nov 2019 - Veradium Air tuned AT44-10 .25 meets tree rat at 30+ yards

Then , as if on Que, it happened. The squirrel turned its head to look my way. Since I was already aimed at the tip of its shoulder blade. I simply rotated slightly to my left to align with its eye and squeezed the trigger with the tip of my finger pad. The rifle launched the 33.95 grain projectile straight and true. I saw and heard the hit - not a rib thunk but more of a lighter sounding hit with a dead fall that happened immediately. I laid the rifle on its side. John.

Aug 2019 - Artemis on target

I said make it a shooter he absolutely did, best I could get before was in the very low 600's now I'm getting 748fps with jsb hades 10 shot string very accurate I took it out today and couldn't be happier All's I can say is thank you Brian it is better than I thought it could be. Vinnie